November 18 2021  11am EST / 4pm GMT

How to build confidence in your ESG program

Solving the ESG Data Quandary


A recent survey conducted by Diligent and OCEG found that 58% of over 500 respondents are not confident in the maturity of their ESG program. ESG principles can be hard to implement in practice — and it can be even harder to measure progress. Now more than ever, a considered approach to ESG is essential for organizations of all sizes. Integral to a successful program is the right platform to support it.

Public or private company ESG data is now subject to more scrutiny than ever before – a trajectory that will only continue to trend upwards. As ESG pressures from the value chain to regulators are increasing so too is the demand for more ESG data and validity. This means that the risks associated with putting out incorrect or incomplete data are increasing and need to be managed appropriately. It will have an impact on everything from employee retention rates to executive compensation to investment potential

Organizations that actively seek to better manage their ESG data to improve reporting and, accuracy will reap the rewards through improved business outcomes. The ESG decisions you make now will be pivotal for the health of your organization in the future and identifying the benefits of ESG software is a first step.


Vice President of Research & ESG, Diligent
Senior Vice President – Investor Relations, Treasury and Sustainability, Rite Aid
Strategy & Operations Partner, ESG & Impact, Kirkland & Ellis LLP