Secure Your Governance Operations with Diligent

“You don’t want a binder. You don’t want a PDF. You just want to go into Diligent,” says Rosemary Payton, Senior Corporate Paralegal at Blackline. 

Senior Corporate Paralegal Rosemary Payton first implemented Diligent’s platform within the board of directors. Diligent’s secure yet accessible tools helped the board understand cyber risk and modernize their approach to governance — something that she says put Blackline’s security officers at ease. Even the most seasoned board members readily adopted Diligent Boards, which led Payton to introduce Diligent Entity & Subsidiary Management.

Using Diligent Entity & Subsidiary Management, part of Modern Governance from Diligent, Payton helped her board store information and manage communications within a single platform. This single-platform approach allowed her board to collaborate on even the most complex issues facing their organization, which was key to Blackline’s growth.

Keep your organization secure, collaborative and resilient. Find out how boards and governance solutions from Diligent can help your organization evolve in the face of an ever-changing business landscape.

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Work from an enterprise-wide single source of truth for swift business decisions with Entity & Subsidiary Management from Diligent.
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