Inside Australia’s Boardrooms

Episodes for Board Members & Governance Professionals

Inside Australia’s Boardrooms is a web show for board members, general counsels, and corporate secretaries. Hosted by TK Kerstetter, this 10-minute program airs periodically to cover best practices for today’s corporate boards and committees. Our related programs include: Inside America’s Boardrooms and Inside Europe’s Boardrooms.

Latest Episodes 


Effective Board-CEO Relations: Lessons From Both Sides of the Table

In this episode, Alison Watkins discusses the major benefits of having the perspectives of both a CEO and non-executive director under her belt.

Boardroom Leaders of Tomorrow: Observations from Generation Z

In this episode, Taj Pabari speaks candidly about starting a social enterprise. What's up next for this Generation Z entrepreneur?

How Boards Can Understand & Influence Company Culture

In this episode, Susan Forrester shares critical insights on approaching corporate culture from the board’s seat. How can board leadership set the tone?

Board Oversight: Artificial Intelligence & Its Impact on the Workforce?

In this episode, Deidre Willmott outlines the implications and possibilities of AI. What's the board’s role in moving forward?

Age Diversity: How Younger Directors Are Impacting Boardrooms

In this episode, Paul Smith discusses his work in framing governance as a way to empower young people to make positive change.

How to Structure Continuing Education for Corporate Boards

In this episode, Carl Middlehurst draws on his experience working with boards to share best practices for continuing education.

Articulating Risk Appetite: Board Tips for Success

In this episode, Darryl Newton draws on his experience as a Chief Risk Officer to outline the elements and implications of risk appetite.

The Trusted Advisor: How the Company Secretary Role is Evolving

In this episode, Megan Motto discusses the critical role of the company secretary in today’s boardrooms.

Board Composition: Are the Right People Sitting at the Board Table?

In this episode, Ewen Crouch breaks down the elements of board composition and refreshment. How can boards determine whether the right people are in the room?

Expanding the Lens: The Board’s Responsibility for Risk Oversight

In this episode, Peeyush Gupta provides further context on today’s risk oversight challenges. What are the most useful tactics for navigating today’s risk landscape?

The Board’s Challenge of Overseeing Cyber Risk

In this episode, Diane Smith-Gardner describes the types of conversations that should be happening in the boardroom around cyber risk oversight.