Why Diligent Internal Controls Management is Different

Drive Accountability
Provide real-time assurance that risks are managed at every level of the business
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Reduce Errors
Deploy standardized frameworks, data attributes and built-in approvals to minimize manual processes
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Improve Reporting
Access on-demand insight into your organization’s control status with one-click reports
Reduce Control Failure
Use automation to access 100% of your organization’s operational data and improve control efficacy
Drive Efficiency Across the Organization
  • Build a risk and control library, ensuring all process owners work from a single source of truth to reduce the risk of error and duplication
  • Import existing data from sources such as Excel or built-in SOX COSO and SOX ITGC frameworks
  • Rationalize low-risk or non-key controls
  • Harmonize controls that comply with multiple regulations
  • Ensure risks and controls are kept up-to-date by instantly cascading changes to all applicable internal controls
Boost Productivity With Centralized Internal Controls Management
Provide a new level of assurance by centralizing, automating and simplifying control monitoring and workflows.

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