Deliver Assurance Over Key Public Sector Programs

Empower leaders to make more strategic decisions with real-time visibility into every program.

  • Facilitate more informed decision-making with comprehensive dashboards, reports and insights
  • Quickly identify and report on incidents of fraud, waste and abuse before they become material
  • Highlight areas of concern with real transactional data
  • Features

    Efficiently Manage Complex Audit Activity

    Improve workflows so you can effortlessly manage even your most complicated performance audits.
    • Free up specialists and reduce bottlenecks by using embedded, best-practice workpapers
    • Streamline audit execution time with easy-to-use workflow and collaboration tools
    • Easily adhere to best practices with embedded .gov content frameworks and toolkits
    Focus Assurance Work on Your Highest Risk Areas

    Break out of routine audit plans, freeing up time to zero in on your organization’s emerging risks.

  • Keep pace with rapidly changing agency objectives and risk priorities by adopting a nimble, risk-based audit methodology
  • Rapidly identify areas of low assurance by continuously monitoring key processes and controls
  • Get in front of emerging risks by easily defining and reporting on key KPIs and KRIs
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