Fully Encrypted Communication​

Communicate with peers on sensitive topics via a secure, easy to use platform

Diligent Messenger Solutions
Data Room & Secure File Sharing
Send privileged access documents to internal or external stakeholders
Diligent Secure File Sharing Solutions
Board Voting & Resolutions
Sign a document from any device, anywhere in the world with digital signatures that are legally binding
Diligent Voting and Resolution Solutions
Diligent Board Collaboration Software
Communicate in a Secure Closed Network
  • Discuss confidential subjects and board topics in a secure, closed loop instant messaging system that complies with data retention policies and uses face recognition technology to prevent unauthorized access
  • Create groups to discuss specific topics or hold 1:1 conversations, setting alerts to highlight urgent or critical messages
  • Prevent sensitive data and confidential information from leaking to unauthorized personnel by keeping all communications on a separate channel
Customer stories

How CRICO Achieves Excellence in Governance

"Modern governance is a multi-pronged system. It really is largely information-based, having a good control over the information that's being shared, and also ensuring that the information is being maximized in its distribution, its accuracy and overall, its security. Modern governance was a goal we had for a long time, but really needed the right tool to do so. We feel we found it with Diligent."

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