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Why Choose ACL Analytics

Increase team capacity by reducing repetitive manual tasks like data acquisition and eliminate the need to chase down requests through email.
Get started quickly with a fully scalable solution designed to be up and running in weeks, not months.
Reduce the risk of human error, with read-only data access, increased reporting transparency, and audit logs to make steps repeatable.
Reduce compliance and audit costs with automated, entire population testing for 100% assurance.
Break down silos and build stronger governance by uniting teams like IT, Risk, Compliance, Finance, and Audit.
Automate workflows to drive maximum value from audits in the least amount of time.

Connect to Any Data Source

  • Easily integrate data from all internal systems of record and third-party providers to eliminate manual pulls. Have a billion records from your ERP system? Spreadsheets? Data stored in the cloud? Unstructured data in PDFs? No Problem. No other tool can access data as economically as ACL Analytics.
  • Provide an approved, safe and secure connection to source data and remove the friction of relying on IT or system administrators to manually provide access.
  • Ensure your team has the most up-to-date and accurate information, gain organisational alignment, uncover deeper insights and harness the tools you already use.

Power Your Business With Advanced Data Analysis using ACL Analytics

  • Eliminate manual control testing and sampling with continuous monitoring of processes like P2P, SoD, payroll, general ledger analysis, AP analysis, fixed asset management, access control, SOX and AML.
  • Apply machine learning to drive prescriptive and predictive analytics that help uncover answers to questions you never thought to ask.
  • Manage all your analytic scripts in a central repository with built-in version control so everyone on your team can run your analytics.
  • Access testing ideas and pre-built analytics in our comprehensive script libraries.

“I used to run the segregation of duties report in Excel. And it would take me about two days just to complete the report, because we’re working off very big files. With [ACL Analytics], I’m able to run the report in five minutes, and so I get two whole days back.”

Dior Silo,
Compliance, Data Intelligence, and Analytics Manager,
Coca-Cola Bottlers Business Services (CCBBS)

Continuously Monitor Controls to Automate Manual Tasks & Expand Your Workforce Capacity

  • Automate the entire analytics lifecycle from data acquisition, data cleansing and analysis to reporting and acting on results.
  • Set automated notifications to alert key stakeholders when critical thresholds and KPIs are reached.
  • Address control failures in real-time with automated testing and remediation workflows.
  • Create and trigger questionnaires to investigate exceptions and quantify findings.

Become a Strategic Advisor to the Board by Delivering Robust Reports With Insights On Risk

  • Reduce data silos and present your organization with a complete visual catalogue of risks and associated metrics.
  • Get deep data insights and real-time visibility with ready-to-use and customizable dashboards displaying key business metrics in visual reports for quick consumption.
  • Reduce the risk of human error, with read-only data access, increased reporting transparency, and audit logs to make steps repeatable.
  • Provide detailed insights into your strategy with real-time monitoring, enabling stakeholders to make critical decisions based on up-to-date and accurate data.

Audit Resources

A 2020 study from PwC found that 47% of businesses had at least one incidence of fraud in the previous two years, with an average of six instances per company.
More and more auditors are using data analytics in audit to improve their internal audit programs and processes as well as deliver a more business-centric audit function that can focus on higher-priority risks.
Organizations and governments around the world are heavily investing in technologies and resources to help stem the massive flow of lost revenue.


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