board diversity

Equip Your Board With the Talent to Succeed

At a time when diversity is more important – and more necessary – than ever, who sits around the boardroom table matters. A consistent focus on board composition can help you build the most effective board possible.

  • Benchmark the skills of your board and spot potential gaps
  • Make board refreshment and succession planning a priority
  • Run a more diverse, equitable and inclusive nominations process
  • Keep a pulse on what shareholders and stakeholders are saying about your board

You’re Only as Good as Your Reputation

In a data-driven age where information is available all the time, it’s vital that you don’t lose track of what’s being said about your organization – and that you have the tools to quickly remedy problems as they arise.
  • Keep a pulse on what shareholders and stakeholders are saying about your board, and see if your composition is coming under public scrutiny
  • Leverage the latest research tools to analyze, classify and group news stories to highlight areas of risk and opportunity
  • Precisely tune your corporate strategy and oversight based on the most current data
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Diligent GRC Solutions
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Dive Deeper Into the Talent Pool

Run a more diverse and inclusive nominations process. Broaden the field of candidates. Ensure that your board and executive teams reflect the world today.
  • Access candidates sourced from diversity-focused leadership groups, nominated by current board members or from within the existing Diligent community
  • Utilize Diligent Director Network to post board opportunities and attract a wider field of skilled candidates in your search process​
  • Engage in a community with other directors to share insights, best practices and strategies to drive diversity
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Diligent Board Management Solution

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