diligent for investor-backed companies

Start, Scale & IPO With Confidence

Putting good governance into place early helps set the stage for continued growth. Access the foundational governance tools and frameworks needed to achieve success at scale. See Diligent in action today.

Solutions With Value at Every Stage of Growth

Find the right tools to fuel better governance and compliance practices along your growth trajectory.


Built for early-stage startups to support equity management and fundraising.

Cap Table Management
Scenario Modeling
Term Sheet Comparisons
409A Valuation (add-on)

COST: Starting at $1,000/year




Built for companies that are scaling headcount and planning their capital structure.

Everything in Launch + 
Option Administration
Option Grants & Exercise Options
Exit Modeling
ASC 718

COST: Starting at $3,500/year





Built for companies that need to level up board processes as they scale.

Everything in Growth + 

Employee Option Portal
Board Meeting Management
Meeting Minutes
Director Recruitment
Secure Data Rooms

COST: Custom




IPO Ready

Built for companies that need to prioritize compliance as they prepare to go public.

Everything in Scale +
Entity Management
SOX Compliance
Secure Messaging
Executive Compensation
Questionnaires and Evaluations
Reputation Monitoring
Market Intelligence

COST: Custom





Maximize Fundraising & Minimize Legal Fees

For early-stage start-ups with limited resources, managing and planning equity ownership can become costly, time-consuming and riddled with errors. Empower founders to better evaluate investment offers by simplifying and ensuring accuracy around equity ownership data.
Man smiling business setting
The Structure You Need to Manage a Growing Option Pool
As your team begins to grow, option planning and administration adds an additional layer of complexity to your equity management processes. Diligent’s Growth solution enables you to access the governance tools needed to scale your headcount. Mitigate risk, save time and eliminate errors during the option administration process.

Align Your Governance Practices With Investor Expectations

For high-growth businesses experiencing rapid change, leaders must put good governance practices in place to plan their future strategy. As you bring on new investors, independent board members, and hire employees, you’ll need the right governance tools in place to foster overall business health and continued growth.

Practice Good Governance Today, IPO Tomorrow

When it comes to preparing for an IPO, there are so many regulatory elements that can cause delays or end deals. Look to mitigate compliance risk and ensure that your IPO plan stays on track. You’ve made it this far — don’t let compliance stall your exit.

Streamlined Board Meetings & Investor Communications 

“Diligent has helped simplify EDENS’ interactions with its private equity investors by centralizing all its board materials in one place. As a result, each stakeholder can access the information they need, including historical documents, which streamlines directors’ work and contributes to greater transparency."

Mark Garside
Chief Financial Officer, EDENS