Proactively Manage Your Reputational Risk
  • Automate the monitoring of third-party entities to protect your organization from legal, financial and reputational risk, highlighting issues as they arise
  • Evaluate, onboard and manage third parties with a defensible Anti-Bribery/Anti-Corruption (ABAC) process.
  • Enhance investigations with further research, including in-person enquiries for a deeper level of security
  • Identify and prioritize the highest risks for remediation
Actively Support Business Growth 
  • Achieve earlier penetration of growth markets and increased revenue for your organization with robust third-party screening and risk analysis, keeping you on the right side of international anti-bribery and corruption legislation
  • Distribute custom due diligence questionnaires directly to third parties and track their completion via a multi-lingual solution that helps transcend any language barriers
  • Centralize and automate the cataloguing of all documentation and decisions to maintain a rigorous, defensible third-party compliance program
  • Distribute code of conduct training to all third parties with integrated training modules
Access Global News & Risk Data
  • Identify potential concerns before engaging with companies, governments or individuals and avoid putting your organization at risk by automatically scanning millions of data streams for negative news and risk information
  • Gain full access to Risk Intelligence Data (RID), the world’s largest real-time source of negative news and risk information, consisting of 5 Million data streams and records on over 40 million entities and individuals
  • Remain compliant with global Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws by performing and memorializing Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Vendor (KYV) checks for every part of your value chain
Easily Onboard & Monitor Third Parties
Systemize the onboarding and monitoring of third parties with an intuitive, scalable platform that automates compliance processes and keeps pace with the evolving regulatory landscape.
Diligent Solutions
Access Reliable, Accurate Intelligence

Leverage a powerful combination of human research and AI-driven monitoring and screening that spans the globe.

Diligent Solutions
Empower Better Decisions With Real-Time Data
Stay ahead of emerging risks by tapping into the largest data source of negative news and risk information.
Diligent Solutions
Ensure The Ethical Conduct Of Your Partners & Vendors
Manage your third parties in a centralized solution that scales as your organization evolves, automatically adjusting to changing regulatory and risk landscapes.
Customer stories

How TE Connectivity Unleashed Potential For Growth

"TE Connectivity’s third-party due diligence lifecycle (ABAC) was taking three times longer than necessary, stifling agility and preventing the company from achieving business deals in a timely manner. Six months after implementing the Diligent Third-Party Risk Management solution, TE Connectivity realized a 25% decrease in the time to onboard a third party. Within 12 months, the team added automated task reminders to stakeholders to their process, reducing the time taken for due diligence by 50%."

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