Monitor Relevant Risk Data in Real Time

Access the most up-to-date data on key customers and vendors from millions of global sources. Identify risks before they impact your business with a unique, patented data service.

  • Fill in critical gaps in coverage with the largest source of real-time reputational risk intelligence
  • Get ahead of potential risks by automatically monitoring key negative news, watchlists and sanctions 
  • Find the most relevant results and reduce false positives

See how Diligent can help protect your organization from reputational, money-laundering and financial crime risks.

The Largest Source of Negative News & Risk Information

Take advantage of data points from millions of sources and risk records covering entities around the world.

  • Stay in the know with access to over 5 million sources and risk records on over 40 million organizations and individuals
  • Access global data from over 160 countries
  • Avoid false positives by leveraging machine learning and relevancy scores for every result

Real-Time Search & Monitoring

Decrease risk, save valuable time and ensure more effective decision-making.

  • Automatically monitor negative news, watchlists, sanctions and politically exposed persons data
  • Stay up to date with 40,000 new risk records produced daily
  • Get insights on the sources that matter most with patented technology to scrub publicly available information

Real-Time Data for Better Results

Mitigate corruption, supply chain and merchant risk exposure, and other business disruption events.

  • Utilize automated real-time monitoring and search tools for data on sanctions, politically exposed persons, watchlists and state-owned entities
  • Identify and map beneficial ownership through corporate structures
  • Quickly detect customer and vendor risk during crises

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