Diligent Solutions
Demonstrate Compliance & Reduce the Risk of an Incident

Elevate your IT risk management solution with the right software and move beyond compliance to a risk-based approach. Build resilience to stay ahead of threats and make informed decisions.

  • Identify critical threats and assign controls to mitigate them before they materialize
  • Prevent control coverage gaps in your IT infrastructure, reduce duplication and amplify the impact of existing tools 
  • Demonstrate a robust and continuously monitored compliance posture against key global IT and information security standards
Diligent Risk Solutions
Provide Leaders With Visibility & Confidence in Your IT Risk Posture

Equip the board and C-suite with the insights they need to make informed risk decisions.

  • Deliver real-time visibility into IT risks with dashboards and visualizations
  • Prevent costly data breaches and reduce system downtime
  • Quickly prioritize and mitigate the risks associated with critical IT assets
Diligent Solutions
Mitigate the Costs of IT Risk & Compliance Management

Free up time and resources with an automated, integrated IT risk management software – allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives.

  • Scale risk management activities to match the growing volume and complexity of threats
  • Get quick time-to-value with preconfigured IT risk management workflows based in best practices
  • Replace repetitive, manual efforts with automated workflows and data analytics

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Diligent Risk Solutions
Enterprise Risk Management
Accelerate performance with a comprehensive and strategic enterprise risk management (ERM) program.
Diligent Risk Solutions
Integrated Risk Management
Identify, assess and remediate risk in a comprehensive platform that provides visibility across the organization.
Diligent Risk Solutions
Third-Party Risk Management
Assess, manage and remediate third-party and vendor risk in one unified, scalable program.
Modernize Your IT Risk Management Solutions
Prevent costly data breaches, build digital resilience and provide confidence in your IT security posture. See Diligent in action.

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KRI Basics for IT Governance

Key risk indicators (KRIs) can help predict adverse events that may impact your organization and are widely considered an essential part of good governance. These indicators link to a range of operational risk-management activities and processes, making them especially beneficial as metrics of changes in a company’s risk profile.
Technology and Risk Management Checklist

Technology and Risk Management: A Checklist for Successfully Managing IT Risk & Third-Party Risk

As organizations expand their IT footprints, they become more vulnerable to cyberthreats and therefore business risk. Just one well-placed cyberattack can result in data or software damage, breaches of customer information, theft of intellectual property and business interruptions. Third parties complicate the risk landscape even further. When organizations trust their facilities, networks and data to outside suppliers and partners, they open themselves up to potentially devastating financial, reputational, regulatory, operational and strategic consequences.

Shifting Cybersecurity From a Compliance to a Risk Focus

Gaining more informed and actionable insights is more important than ever. You can achieve this by shifting your cybersecurity and risk management approaches from compliance-based strategies to risk-based frameworks. In doing so, your organization will benefit from insights regarding cybersecurity risk factors, levels of impact and potential mitigating actions.
Colleagues discussing entity management tools

CISOs In the Boardroom

The role of CISO has been redefined, from one that reacts to data breaches and threats to a position of strategic importance with complex objectives. With the responsibilities of addressing elements of cybersecurity, providing IT expertise, communicating technical topics to board members — among many more, their leadership is needed now more than ever.