Regain Control Over Costly Compliance Overheads

Instantly embed the latest regulatory content into your control framework
Streamline your compliance monitoring with automated processes
Improve efficiency by reducing duplicated controls
Effectively Manage Complex Compliance Requirements
  • Deploy our best-in-class information security standards and procedures to help defend your organization from risks that could result in fines, fraud and loss of business
  • Stay on top of regulatory changes and amendments with our automated updates, ensuring strong control, design, testing and communication processes are always in place
Automate Compliance Monitoring To Reduce Regulatory Breaches
  • Reduce organizational costs and remove the need for additional third-party resources by automating manual processes such as status reports, monitoring regulatory changes and duplicative control tests
  • Prioritize the regulatory obligations of most concern to your organization with a structured, rigorous and automated risk assessment methodology that is fully traceable and evidenced
Co-Ordinate All Regulatory Compliance Activities
  • Capture activities from across the organization in a single place to provide an accurate, data driven picture of your compliance status
  • Reduce organizational silos and improve incident mitigation by maintaining a consistent, organization-wide set of policies and regulations
  • Protect and enhance your company reputation by effectively demonstrating your regulatory compliance
Confidently Comply With US & International Legislation
Find out how Regulatory Compliance Management from Diligent can help you achieve a best-in-class, risk-based approach to compliance.

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