Gain Full Third-Party Oversight

Systemize the onboarding and monitoring of third parties using an intuitive workflow platform that automates compliance processes. 

  • Ensure the ethical conduct of your partners and vendors
  • Centralize all your third-party data securely
  • Train and integrate your third parties seamlessly

See how Third-Party Management – Compliance from Diligent can grow with your organization’s changing needs and the evolving regulatory landscape.

Easily Manage Third Parties

Stay ahead of emerging risks while onboarding and screening your partners and vendors.

  • Implement and deploy your own custom risk model to efficiently manage third parties
  • Distribute custom due diligence questionnaires directly to third parties and track their completion 
  • Utilize a multilingual UI that supports multiple languages, providing the ability to conduct your program globally with ease   

Gain Real-Time Visibility Into Third-Party Risks

  • Analyze key metrics regarding your third-party population including type, category, risk level and approval status
  • Easily implement and distribute code of conduct training to all third parties with integrated training modules
  • Access case management and red flag dashboards to track open and closed cases by stage, status, red flag types and more 

Assess, Manage & Remediate Risk in One Unified Program

Centralize third-party risk management, making it easier to scale up your program as your company grows.

  • Consolidate third-party data securely, and confidently track system-wide activity with a robust audit log  
  • Get customizable alerts, reminders and notifications  

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