Boards Web Admin

Improved Diligent Boards Experience for Administrative Users

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"It's Like Heaven" - Judi Coleman

Hear from Judi Coleman, from the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, on her experience since adopting Web Admin.


Resources to Get You Started



1-minute Overview This quick video provides a preview to our web-based experience for both Administrators and Directors



Beginner Training In this recorded training session we will cover, meeting material creation, user management, and notifications



Advanced Training In this recorded training session we will cover, Resource Center, voting & resolutions, and building agendas




Did you know? As you’re getting up to speed, you can switch between Web Admin and OneClick should you wish to – all of your work will be saved in both platforms.


Fewer Windows

De-clutter your process with less clicks and open windows


Simple Process

Same processes as OneClick – just simplified


No Additional Cost

There is no additional cost with using Web Admin


How much time can you save using Web Admin compared to OneClick?

It only takes 10 minutes to get up to speed and trained on Web Admin. Not only is it quick to adopt, you can save up to 50% of your time on everyday tasks.


50% Building a Meeting Book


30% Managing the Resource Center


50% Creating a Voting Document


Hear from your peers

"Game Changer"

“Diligent is consistently rolling out new functionality. Most recently it rolled out a web-based version of the platform that was a game changer. I no longer have to carry my computer around for last-minute changes. I can do it from my phone.” - Administrator for a Wholesale Enterprise Company

"Easy across all platforms"

“When I first started on Diligent, I was using the OneClick application for administrators. This works fine, but it was bulky and not very intuitive. Now with the new web-based design, it makes sharing materials so easy across all platforms.” - Administrator in Government Administration