Spend less with Diligent
It’s simple. One vendor relationship costs less than three. Especially when that one vendor is Diligent. Spend less with us and get more value.
Better insights, better decisions
During the board meeting, sustainability officers have just a few minutes to give directors the clarity they need to provide informed oversight. Don’t prepare for your next board presentation without following the 8 steps in this checklist for CSOs and ESG leaders.
Less frustration
Learning multiple platforms, sharing data between them and viewing multiple dashboards takes too much time. Instead, consolidate and simplify your life.

Forrester confirms the savings

Highlights from Total Economic Impact Studies

50−60% time reduction with Diligent board & leadership collaboration

  • 50−60% time reduction when creating & distributing materials
  • $187K three year benefit value
  • <1600 hours saved creating and distributing materials
  • 623 hours saved by internal IT support

50% savings with ESG & diversity reporting

  • 50% savings in aggregating and auditing emissions data
  • 167% return on investment
  • $300K net present value
  • 60−80% time savings when collecting

An integrated approach that elevates auditors to strategic advisors

Bringing the Board Up to Speed on Cybersecurity


Confidently identify and analyze risks across the organization to drive decision-making.


Leverage predictive insights to seize new growth opportunities.


The visibility & control you need to transform your business, on a single platform.

We give organizations like yours visibility and control across governance, compliance, risk, audit and ESG. So, you can make more informed decisions faster and with more confidence — while driving and sustaining cost savings.

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