The Total Economic Impact of Diligent Entity Management System

A commissioned study by Forrester, comparing organizations that previously used manual spreadsheets to manage their entity information, revealed the following savings when using Diligent Entities:

Reduction in outsourced legal entity management work
Time reduction for data gathering, entry and management relating to entities in year 1
Time savings when preparing for entity events in year 1
Time reduction responding to entity-related data requests in year 1
Be Prepared for Growth Opportunities

Position your organization to quickly act on mergers and acquisitions as well as divestiture opportunities.

  • Simplify corporate integration following a merger or acquisition with a centralized repository for detailed group structure charts covering every entity
  • Present your organizational structure in the right format for the right purpose, using filters, color coding and shapes to highlight key information
  • Save reporting formats with conditional formatting so they can be leveraged when creating new entities
  • Stay ahead of your filing and reporting requirements for tax and changes in ownership with our compliance calendar
Improve Stakeholder Confidence in Data Accuracy

Centralize your company data to create a reliable single source of truth

  • Access the only digital method for undertaking company health checks or entity rationalization projects
  • Using Dunn & Bradstreet’s data cloud integration, instantly validate your registration details against all internal entity records to ensure they are aligned
  • Reduce the risk of sanctions and other operational disruptions due to inaccurate data on public record
  • Ensure authorized stakeholders have immediate access to accurate company records without needing to identify data owners and co-ordinate activities
Identify Personnel Risks Before They Affect Your Reputation

Risk Intelligence Data finds potential bad actors in the most critical roles.

  • Comprehensively scan all individuals in key roles throughout your organization at any time, even in entities where jurisdictions are in locations with less transparency
  • Search and track adverse media, sanctions and watchlists from over 5 million publicly available data sources for entity individuals
  • Avoid material risk to business operations through sanctions, fines or license revocation
Enhance & Automate Routine Tasks

Effortlessly deliver the information your teams need, when they need it

  • Foster a culture of collaboration and self-service, organizing corporate information in a centralized data library, enabling users to quickly create charts and reports based on accurate live data
  • Add structure and a robust process to your corporate record management by pre-assigning the individuals responsible for reviewing and signing critical documents
  • Use calendars, reminders and workflows to automatically prompt periodic review of each record to maintain accuracy
    Save Time & Money on Company Health Checks
    Keeping accurate, clean records of your organization’s entities is a time-consuming administrative task. Diligent’s Company Health Check integrates Dun & Bradstreet’s data cloud to automatically compare your internal records with those held in multiple external locations, helping to identify discrepancies and maintain a single source of truth for your entire organization.
    Simplify Common Document Creation & Improve Signature Workflow Processes
    Automate the generation of standard documentation and provide customizable reports to stakeholders without the administrative burden. Benefit from our integration with world-leading eSignature provider DocuSign, allowing you to streamline your signatory workflow while ensuring sensitive information remains confidential.
    Easily Visualize Entities & Governance Hierarchies
    Visualizing your group structure can often be a manual and complex task. Organizations with multiple entities in worldwide locations make the task even more challenging, especially with constant changes in personnel and structure.
    Access Real-Time Risk Intelligence on Key Personnel
    Diligent’s Risk Intelligence Data makes it easier for organizations to find potential problem employees and evaluate their risk levels before it's too late.

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    Diligent recently commissioned global research and advisory company Forrester to develop a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study analyzing its Diligent Entities solution.


    A specific suite of terminology exists in the world of business – and understanding it all can be a minefield, especially if you’re just beginning your business journey.

    In today’s increasingly complex business environment, it is imperative that organizations have clear oversight and control. The risks of noncompliance are increasing, with a growing threat of fines and regulatory censure. Additionally, a decentralized approach to entity and subsidiary management leaves an organization vulnerable to errors, duplicated work, missed growth opportunities and business continuity crises.