Should Boards Push CEOs to Take Positions on Sensitive Social Issues?

Inside Americas Boardrooms
As pressure builds for companies to move to a more stakeholder-centric mindset, should the board push for their CEO to take public positions on societal issues such as social justice, Supreme Court composition, or healthcare policy?

In this episode, Adam Bryant, Managing Director for The ExCo Group (formerly Merryck & Co.) and long-time Columnist of The New York Times' ''Corner Office'', provides guidance on how boards and CEOs can come to grips with sensitive social issues and more tightly define a company's corporate purpose:�?

  • What direction should boards give to CEOs around taking a public stance on key social issues?
  • What risks should boards account for in encouraging CEOs to share personal positions with the public?
  • How can boards and c-suites structure conversations effectively around relevant social issues in the company's statement of corporate purpose?

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