The CEO Sisters Return to Inside America's Boardrooms

Inside Americas Boardrooms
On this episode, TK Kerstetter sits down with two board veterans and former Fortune-500 CEOs to talk about evolving boardroom trends. Did we mention they also happen to be sisters?

Maggie Wilderotter, board member with Costco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DocuSign, Cadence, and Lyft, and Denise Morrison, board member with Quest Diagnostics, Visa, and MetLife, have actually been here before. In a 2011 episode, TK Kerstetter interviewed these ''CEO sisters'' about their journey to the C-Suite.

Over the last eight years, much has changed in corporate boardrooms. Kerstetter draws on the storied careers of these two women to gain their perspectives on the current digital and governance landscapes:

  • What excites them about the state of today's boardrooms? What worries them?
  • How can company leaders harness digital disruption for value creation?