What's New in Shareholder Relations?

Kira Ciccarelli

Hosts: Dottie Schindlinger, Executive Director, Diligent Institute and Rachel Simon, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Diligent

Guests: Kai Liekefett, Co-Chair Shareholder Activism & Corporate Defense Practice, Sidley Austin LLP 


In this episode of The Corporate Director Podcast, Kai Liekefett, Co-Chair of the Shareholder Activism & Corporate Defense Practice at Sidley Austin LLP, discusses what’s changing in the world of shareholder relations, including recent trends in activism and the introduction of the universal proxy card. 

In this episode:

  1. Universal Proxy Cards: Liekefett discusses the history leading up to the adoption of the universal proxy and potential implications. 
  2. Shareholder Activism: Liekefett reviews trends in shareholder activism, particularly since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and talks through what might put a company at a higher risk of activist targeting.
  3. The Global Picture: Liekefett compares the shareholder activism picture to that in other areas of the world. 


Kira Ciccarelli
Kira Ciccarelli is Lead Researcher at the Diligent Institute, the think tank and research arm of Diligent Corporation. Her work focuses on conducting and providing governance research to inform director decision-making and guide best practices. Kira is one of the producers of The Corporate Director Podcast.