How to Energetically Confront Tough Issues as a Leader

Diana Baker Freeman

How can mission-driven organizations stay aligned with their missions and make a positive impact in their communities?

Dr. Audrey Young, State Elected Official, Texas State Board of Education, District 8, shares her thoughts on how leaders can effectively address tough issues and not lose sight of key values. Drawing from her own experience as an educator and advocate, she explores how to keep your passion while navigating challenges and what leading with purpose means to her.

“There is no reason why, as imperfect as you are, you can’t continue to lead,” she says.

Watch the full video to gain insights into how board administrators, directors and other community leaders can make an impact and lead with purpose.

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Diana Baker Freeman

Diana Baker Freeman is a Senior Customer Success Manager for Diligent Mission-Driven Organizations. She holds an MS in Education Leadership and has taught in public schools and at the university level. After being elected as a school board member she developed a deep understanding of board members' roles, and how they drive improved educational outcomes.

As a public school trustee, Diana was nominated and accepted to Leadership TASB, through the Texas Association of School Boards, and graduated as a Master Trustee. Diana became a Board Development Consultant for the TASB and has led boards through strategic planning, goal setting, ethics training and the examination of roles and responsibilities of board members. She has presented at various state-wide, regional and national conferences and developed online training for TASB as well as the Southern Regional Training Consortium.