Board Oversight: Issuing a Corporate Response to Social Issues

Inside America's Boardrooms
When social issues arise that stimulate public expectations, there are numerous factors and constituencies to be considered before a corporation can make a formal response. It's critical to have a process, communication plan, and monitoring capabilities to maintain a pulse on public sentiment and manage accordingly. How can boards and business leaders stay proactive rather than reactive when it comes to initiating corporate responses?

In Part 1 of this series, Paul Washington, Executive Director, Environmental, Social and Governance Center, The Conference Board, outlines a best practice framework for issuing a public response to social issues:
  • What criteria should boards and management teams use to determine if a public stance and response is needed?
  • What process should boards follow for developing and issuing a public response?
Read The Conference Board's Executive SummaryUnder Pressure: How Corporate America Can Address Social Issues

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