Get your climate data in order: A buyer's guide to effective carbon accounting solutions

With last year’s passage of the E.U.’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the anticipated finalization of the SEC's proposed climate disclosure rule, climate reporting is already or will soon be a legal requirement for many organizations. 

This means that understanding and measuring your company’s carbon footprint is now a critical priority. It's no easy task.  

To navigate a wide range of data sources, reporting requirements and methodologies — while giving stakeholders the transparency they demand — you need carbon accounting software that streamlines how you measure and report your carbon emissions.

This guide details the most important questions you should ask as you evaluate carbon accounting solutions in the following key areas:   

  • Data collection  

  • System integration

  • Reporting and disclosures

  • Frameworks and standards

  • Flexibility

  • Value

  • Support   

Download this free buyer's guide today to learn how technology can take the headaches out of climate compliance.