Diligent ESG to Pilot CDP’s New API for 2023 Disclosure Cycle 

Kaelyn Barron

At a time when climate disclosure regulations are on the rise — from the SEC's proposed ruling to the EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) — clear and transparent reporting is more important than ever. And it just became easier for Diligent ESG users to comply with these regulations.

Since 2012, Diligent has been helping organizations calculate their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and report that data to CDP. Now, however, we are pleased to announce that Diligent is one of nine CDP Accredited Solutions Providers participating in a new CDP Disclosure API pilot project in 2023.

CDP will be piloting this new API (application programming interface) to offer a selection of its software partners improved integration with CDP’s disclosure platform. The API will be available to participating Accredited Solutions Providers and their customers to use for the 2023 disclosure cycle, focusing on the corporate climate change questionnaire in this inaugural year. The API meets industry standards and will further support CDP in achieving its aim of enabling companies, cities, states and regions to improve their environmental transparency and action.

As an accredited partner of CDP since 2012, Diligent is thrilled to deepen its relationship with this critically important environmental disclosure organization, while helping our customers more seamlessly report on their environmental impact. We are currently working with CDP to test the API prior to implementation and plan to make it available to our customers this spring. To find out more, read CDP’s full announcement.

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Kaelyn Barron
Kaelyn Barron, Senior Specialist at Diligent, has expertise in ESG, environmental law and the intersection of governance with these issues. Her background in international relations allows her to provide unique insights into emerging ESG frameworks and regulations that impact multiple regions.