How to Calculate Your Projected ROI for Diligent Entities

Kaelyn Barron

To help companies address the challenges that come with managing hundreds to thousands of entities and subsidiaries, Diligent developed a web-based solution that allows organizations to access critical entity-related data from anywhere at any time.

Diligent Entities provides a centralized location for all corporate records related to entities, while also maintaining data integrity, ensuring legal compliance, and anticipating potential risks. According to a recent study by Forrester, this product offered Diligent customers a 318% ROI on average, while cutting time spent on entity-related data requests by 85% in the first year.

Based on those results, we teamed up with Forrester to create an interactive calculator that can estimate your own organization’s projected ROI with Diligent Entities.

The Diligent Entities ROI Estimator

The Diligent Entities ROI Estimator can estimate your business’s ROI, or the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of investing in Diligent Entities.

To create this tool, Forrester interviewed actual Diligent customers and gathered relevant data pertaining to time and cost savings, then extrapolated those metrics so you can predict the impact on your own business.

How to Use the Estimator

Using the calculator to estimate your business’s potential ROI with Diligent Entities is simple, and only requires you to answer a few questions about your organization, including:

  • Number of employees
  • Number of legal entities
  • Average annual maintenance cost per entity
  • Number of full-time employees managing legal entities and subsidies
  • Average, fully burdened annual salary of those employees

Then, for those full-time employees who manage legal entities and subsidies, you’ll need to enter percentages representing the time they spend on the following activities:

  • Uploading and updating entities data
  • Preparing for external entities reporting events
  • Addressing requests from other business units
  • Other activities (this will be auto-filled to add up to 100%)

Note that the default input values represent data from the case study. Simply use the slider to indicate the values that are reflective of your organization.

Once you’ve answered those questions, you’ll be asked to register before receiving free access to your detailed personal analysis, which is available for download. Registration is free, and only requires your name, business email, phone number and country.

After registering, you’ll receive a high-level estimate of your projected benefits, broken down into the following categories:

  • Time saved gathering, entering and managing entity-related data
  • Time saved preparing for external entities reporting
  • Time saved addressing requests from other business units
  • Cost savings from entity rationalization
  • Cost savings from no longer outsourcing entity management work

You’ll also be able to see your estimated ROI, payback period, total risk-adjusted benefits, and total costs (which include licensing and ongoing support) for each of the first three years.

When reviewing your projected ROI and benefits, please keep in mind that the calculator provides a high-level estimate. For a more precise estimate that most closely reflects your organization’s needs, please contact Diligent for a quote.

Review Forrester’s Full TEI Report for Diligent Entities

You can use the interactive ROI estimator to get a sense of how Diligent Entities can help your specific organization manage its entities more efficiently with significant time and cost savings.

For a more detailed look at how Diligent Entities has helped our clients improve their data confidence, significantly reduce their legal burdens, and reduce their entity and subsidiary management risks, download a free copy of Forrester’s complete TEI report.



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