The Right Solution Can Transform Your Organization's Governance Initiatives

Behind all effective companies lies strong corporate governance. RMF/CRICO Compliance Program Manager Jay Joynes talks about how he utilized Diligent Boards & Governance to facilitate a digital transformation within his organization. He created more secure communication between his board and ensured the information they needed was always at their fingertips.

For more than 40 years, CRICO has served as the insurance provider for all Harvard medical institutions and affiliates. The Risk Management Foundation of the Harvard Medical Institutions Incorporated (RMF) was established in 1979 to reduce medical error. Securely storing and efficiently accessing data is critical for both organizations in protecting hospital resources and patient safety.

Despite the vast amounts of data CRICO/RMF must manage, Compliance Program Manager Jay Joynes says that effective governance had been elusive. That changed when CRICO/RMF began using Diligent’s corporate governance platform.

Diligent enabled Joynes and his team to store company data in a controlled environment that was always within reach of his board. By using a data management platform that could both store data and host communications, Joynes advanced the CRICO/RMF board of directors into their next phase of operations.

“Modern governance, I think, translates into that simply because you have the information at your fingertips,” says Joynes. “What’s important to me is making that a standard of best practices.[...] It’s essentially a goal we’ve wanted for a really long time but needed the right tool to do so, and we feel that we’ve found it."

Governance solutions allow organizations like CRICO/RMF to remain informed, collaborative and secure, even as the business landscape evolves. These tools and insights only promote business resiliency, especially as companies and their boards go virtual. Find out how Diligent Boards & Governance can do the same for your organization.

Superior Performance Begins With Good Governance
And good governance starts with the right technology. Find out how partnering with Diligent can give your organization the leading edge.
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