Leading From the Front: Your Toolkit for Building a Purpose-Driven Organization

As calls for transparency and accountability become increasingly urgent from stakeholders, companies need to stand up to the scrutiny. Aligning ESG goals, streamlining communications between leadership and the board, and creating a purpose-driven strategy are all critical to success in today’s business environment.

Does your organization have what it takes to lead across audit, boards and governance, compliance and ethics, ESG, and risk and strategy like the Diligent Modern Governance 100 recipients have?

In “Leading From the Front: Your Toolkit for Building a Purpose-Driven Organization,” you’ll be able to access five guides covering the core elements of modern governance: 

  • Preparing for Climate Reporting Requirements: A Roadmap to ESG Compliance
  • Best Practices for Building a Culture of Compliance: 4 Focus Areas for Strengthening Policy Management & Compliance Training
  • Technology and Risk Management: A Checklist for Successfully Managing IT Risk & Third-Party Risk
  • Modernize Your Internal Audit Infrastructure: A Checklist for Optimizing Efficiency and Impact
  • Governance Checklist: A Guide to Keeping Up With Rising Stakeholder Demands

Download the toolkit today to discover how to:

  • Build stakeholder trust and support by aligning your operations and key values
  • Leverage ESG data and best practices to prepare for accurate climate reporting
  • Cut out siloed processes across auditing infrastructure to maximize visibility and efficiency
  • Navigate risk, policy management and compliance with the right technologies and training strategies