From dark data to actionable insights: Empowering public sector audit organizations

Public sector organizations collect and store huge amounts of data, which can be used as evidence in audits. However, auditors face the challenge of efficiently managing and assessing this data, while avoiding the risks of dark data.

Being technologically advanced is essential for state and local government as well as higher education auditors to keep pace with the growing volume of data and to be able to effectively extract valuable insights from it. Advanced analytics tools can help auditors identify patterns, anomalies, and potential fraud within their data, while also ensuring compliance with regulations.

Investing in data management policies, strategies, and training programs is crucial for audit teams in public sector organizations to mitigate the risks of dark data and enhance their audit processes.

This white paper explores:

  • The role of audit in the era of big data and cyber risk
  • The challenges of document-based auditing
  • Some of the benefits that can be realized by using purpose-built software
  • What's needed for making a successful transition.

Download this white paper on driving efficiency and accuracy through data-driven auditing now. 

public sector audit from dark data to actionable insights