Digital transformation empowers communities for rural municipalities

The small Municipality of Resolute Bay is an Inuit hamlet in northern Canada with only around 200 residents. With the recent introduction of internet, the community were determined to bring their local government into the 21st century. Challenges included:

  • Digitizing current workflow
  • Engaging citizens with new technology 
  • Requirements to publish translated meeting minutes in the local language

After considering other solutions, Resolute Bay decided to go with Diligent Community due to its intuitive and user-friendly interface. 

“With this new application, it has solved many problems for us; the [meeting preparation] process now runs much smoother and organizing a meeting is a pleasure now.” - Ian Dudla, Chief Administration Officer, Municipality of Resolute Bay 

The municipality has already started to see the benefits of a transparent public website with increased community engagement and stakeholder involvement. 

Download the full case study now.

Resolute Bay case study