The Total Economic Impact™ of Diligent Audit: How Diligent Audit delivers proven ROI

Mary Oyerly

As your audit team's responsibilities rapidly expand and evolve, you need be more efficient and reduce costs — without adding headcount. But it can feel like an impossible task to maximize efficiencies while managing so many moving pieces across your audit operations.

Fortunately, it is possible to get more done in less time and with lower costs — and a new Forrester report, commissioned by Diligent, is here to prove it. According to The Total Economic Impact™ report, Diligent Audit can streamline your operations and help drive an improved ROI.

But how does it work? Take a look at the numbers for yourself in our infographic below.


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Mary Oyerly
Mary Oyerly, Senior Specialist at Diligent, has experience working across the B2B and B2C SaaS sector and supporting the needs of corporate and not-for-profit business leaders. She has worked extensively with governance technologies and how they can drive improved visibility, efficiency and compliance across the business.