Behavior Change Science and Compliance


Influencing behavior is an ongoing challenge in business, economics, psychology, and consumer marketing. The arena of compliance is no different.

In fact, to be truly effective, compliance programs must incorporate behavior change principles not only to change employee compliance behavior in the near term, but to change the attitudes about compliance that will inform their behaviors in the long run.

Compliance Wave Training allows employees to absorb manageable "waves" of information on an ongoing basis, which makes it easier to achieve the desired behavior change.

This white paper details the following key principles of behavior change and how they impact behavior, with actionable tips you can use to start improving your compliance program today:

  • Pattern Interrupt
  • Commitments and Consistency
  • Social Stigma
  • Repetition
  • Avoiding Pain, Gaining Pleasure

Download the white paper to learn how you can dramatically increase the value of your program.