Stop spending so much time generating audit reports

Mary Oyerly

Generating reports for audits is incredibly time-consuming.

That's the reality for most audit teams as they handle massive amounts of data and work to distill them into consumable reports for audit committees and compliance regulators. While sifting through the data is half the battle, building out the reports to keep the focus on the right priorities can be equally challenging.

What makes reporting even more complicated is that auditors have more responsibilities than ever before — all while still having the same amount of hours in a day. Time constraints are closing in, but the pressure to deliver optimized, well-curated reports remains constant.

So how do audit teams stay ahead of a rapidly expanding list of responsibilities while delivering engaging, relevant reports with the right data?

Fortunately, emerging technologies are coming to the rescue — enabling automation of previously manual and time-consuming reporting processes.

Technology can close the gap between your time constraints and your workload

Audit management software is your answer for delivering consumable, accurate reports in significantly less time, meaning that you can get more done in a day.

But how does it work? A recent Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, commissioned by Diligent, showcases how our Audit Management solution revolutionized our client's audit reporting.

Here are some of the key efficiency advantages the research uncovered:

  • Generating reports is faster and easier. According to study findings, our innovative technology can cut down audit report generation time by 20%-30%
  • Time savings translate into money savings. What's more, these time savings are worth
  • $916,000 to the organization over three years

With audit management software, you can use automated data analysis and report generation to rapidly complete what would otherwise be hours of manual work. Rather than sifting through and compiling audit data, your team is freed up to focus on other priorities, like optimizing your audit strategies and positioning your team as a trusted advisor to the organization.

See how Diligent Audit can streamline your reporting

Interested in learning more about how Diligent Audit can meet your organization's requirements? With our solution, you can handle your audit lifecycle management from end-to-end through agile workflows and data automation — allowing you to increase efficiency while staying ahead of rapidly evolving risks and responsibilities.

To start exploring the advantages you'll gain from Diligent Audit, download the full TEI study today.

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Mary Oyerly
Mary Oyerly, Senior Specialist at Diligent, has experience working across the B2B and B2C SaaS sector and supporting the needs of corporate and not-for-profit business leaders. She has worked extensively with governance technologies and how they can drive improved visibility, efficiency and compliance across the business.