Be ready for U.K corporate governance and audit reform: Best practices, tools and resources to support the board and the business

Since the collapse of “unsinkable” household names such as Carillion and BHS threw an unforgiving spotlight on corporate governance and auditing failures, the drive to reform corporate governance and audit standards has been building in the U.K. Now, proposed reforms are on the horizon, including changes such as an increased regulatory focus on long-term risk assessment and new requirements for disclosures on fraud risk management.

But how does your organisation strategically coordinate your response to corporate governance and audit reform — before you fall behind?

In this guide, we explore three key aspects of U.K. corporate governance and audit reform that you'll need to consider:

  1. Risk visibility
  2. Resilience statements
  3. Internal controls effectiveness

Download the guide to learn how to address these considerations and get checklists, resources and tools to help you be ready for emerging requirements.