Preparing for the 2021 Proxy & Disclosure Season

Inside Americas Boardrooms
Annual proxies have grown increasingly more complex with each year. Institutional investors and other activist shareholders are pushing for additional disclosures on topics like ESG and board diversity, while taking stronger voting stances against boards that fail to meet their expectations. How can boards leverage the proxy more strategically �- particularly in the midst of COVID-19?

In this episode, Ron Schneider, Director, Corporate Governance Services at DFIN Solutions, frames how proxies are shifting to meet heightened disclosure demands and provides updates on DFIN's 2020 Guide to Effective Proxies:

  • What are proxies doing to ensure shareholder demands are met?
  • What role will COVID-19 play in risk disclosures?
  • What enhancements and guidance can we expect from DFIN's proxy guidebook?

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