Diligent Messenger: An Essential Tool for Banks and Boardrooms

Nicholas J Price
Digital technology brings corporations multiple advantages and challenges. Communication continues to be a major challenge for busy board directors who communicate with their peers on a regular basis, especially board directors who sit on multiple boards.

Communication is challenging because boards tend to use different apps, modes and methods of communication. That means that board directors often resort to using multiple email accounts. While corporations select the electronic products that they believe are secure, using multiple electronic platforms means that board directors need to remember multiple user IDs and passwords. If they confuse them and type them in wrong, they could even get locked out of the system altogether.

Board directors sometimes resort to using their own personal email accounts out of frustration with other systems and their desire for personal convenience.

Corporate Governance Best Practices Require Secure Board Communications

Best practices for corporate governance require board directors to communicate in ways that are secure, timely and accurate, and that reflect good governance principles. Best practices hold true for all board positions they hold. It is importance for boards to properly define what corporate governance and its importance to the overall success of their board and organization. Encapsulated within the principles of good corporate governance is also using the right technology to support these efforts. Specific technology that can ensure the protection of the board's communications with each other to ensure that processes become more streamlined.

It's difficult for today's boards to conduct business without an electronic board portal that fully integrates with a secure communications software program.

Diligent Corporation used innovation to create cutting-edge products like Diligent Messenger to help boards ensure that every communication they send is safe.

Best Practices Require Boards to Stop Using Personal Email Accounts for Corporate Business

Hackers are keenly aware that top-producing boards regularly deal with information that is highly sensitive and confidential. Cyber criminals are likely to target high-profile individuals, threatening them with the release of private information unless they pay a ransom.

When board directors and other notable individuals use personal email accounts for corporate business, they are prone to falling victim to phishing and malicious cyberattacks that could harm the corporation.

Corporate boards typically demand that some communications between board directors, officers, managers and committee members remain confidential.

The only way to keep sensitive and confidential information private is to use a secure digital messaging app like Diligent Messenger. More importantly, Diligent Messenger integrates with the Diligent Boards portal, which provides board directors with applications that are robust and secure for all of the board's needs.

Diligent Messenger: An Essential Tool for Banks and Boardrooms

Diligent Corporation has made avoiding mistakes like those made by Niehaus and the Wells Fargo bankers easier for boards that use the Diligent Boards portal for their board business and communications. Diligent offers multiple products in its Governance Cloud, including the highly secure Diligent Messenger, for a total Enterprise Governance Management solution. Diligent Messenger integrates seamlessly with the Diligent Boards portal system.

Diligent Messenger prevents problems with accidental emails. Anyone can be guilty of making a Freudian slip, such as thinking about a person and then unwittingly sending them an email that was intended for another recipient. Such honest mistakes can cause major problems.

Haste makes for many mistakes as board directors unintentionally hit 'reply all' or forward messages to unauthorized recipients. Diligent Messenger offers an email retrieval system that lets board directors retract accidental emails. With Diligent Messenger, board directors gain assurance that every email is relevant, timely and accurate.

In addition, the Diligent Messenger program creates a formal process that makes it easy to identify and review communications in the event of a necessary legal discovery request.

Other communications software programs boast of having top-notch security with little to back up those claims. Diligent Messenger proves the product has rock-solid security by investing in the following security measures:

  • SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (SOC 1 Type 2) service organization annual audit of controls
  • Type 2 SOC 2 Security and Availability audit
  • HIPAA AT 101 audit
  • ISO 27001 certified since February 2014
  • Third-party vulnerability scanning and penetration testing
  • Diligent employee training in data security requirements

Security related to mobile devices is a large-scale concern in today's corporate world. There's no worry about security issues with cell phones and tablets with Diligent Messenger because it has a remote wiping capability. Diligent Messenger incorporated this technology so that if mobile devices get lost or stolen, all of the confidential and sensitive information can be wiped away from a remote location, keeping board business safe and secure.

For Good Corporate Governance, Diligent Delivers

Emails and other types of communication sometimes create liability issues for board administrators and General Counsels. Diligent Messenger helps augment governance and accountability functions while enhancing communication and collaboration among board members.

Diligent products are intuitive and advanced and have a proven track record in governance. Diligent's products are backed by a variety of robust training options, ranging from in-person sessions to self-service videos and tutorials. Diligent clients also get the benefit of Diligent's team of award-winning customer service representatives 24/7 every day of the year.

As a leader in governance solutions, Diligent's innovation provides control right in the hands of board members, who need it to protect themselves and their corporations. Board directors are obligated to perform a host of varied duties and responsibilities. Diligent developed a suite of governance tools to help them fulfill their responsibilities accurately and efficiently. The Governance Cloud ecosystem of products includes:

As board directors, leadership teams and general counsels continue to express their needs to digitize governance processes, Diligent will be the partner to grow with them. Collectively, these tools enable corporations to achieve a fully digitized and integrated governance ecosystem to mitigate risk, plan for strategic growth and ultimately, govern at the highest level.
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Nicholas J. Price
Nicholas J. Price is a former Manager at Diligent. He has worked extensively in the governance space, particularly on the key governance technologies that can support leadership with the visibility, data and operating capabilities for more effective decision-making.