Do You Know How Secure Your Board Materials Are?

Nicholas J Price
Technology can be your best friend when you make wise choices about security and programs. It can also be your worst enemy when you choose a program or product without thoroughly reviewing the pros and cons.

Stop for a moment and consider all the content that's included in your board packet. What would the consequences be if a nefarious character such as a hacker or a competitor were to get ahold of just one board meeting packet? It's likely your share price would drop and your company would lose money. Employees and shareholders would lose confidence in the company. More importantly, your company's reputation would take a nosedive. Do you really know how secure your board materials are?

It's vital for boards to protect their meeting materials. There's simply too much at stake.

Consider the communication that takes place between board directors and executives between board meetings. What would happen if the wrong person got ahold of confidential email correspondence? The information could be used in any number of ways to harm the company. It's simply not worth the worry or the risk. There's simply too much at stake.

Now, consider how secure and confident you'd feel if you were sure that you could access your board materials anywhere, anytime ' and from any device ' without a single worry that your data could be hacked. Imagine that you could send a lengthy report or a sensitive, confidential email without worrying about it getting into the wrong hands. Imagine finding out that your laptop had been stolen at a busy airport and having the assurance that you could remotely wipe all of your board information off your computer so that it couldn't be confiscated by a cybercriminal.

That's the kind of assurance and confidence that board directors and executives can have when they invest in Diligent Boards and the other digital governance software solutions that integrate fully and securely with the platform.

Accessibility Without Sacrificing Security

If you're using a standard or free file-sharing program, have you thought about the fact that it's subject to malware, hacking and loss of sensitive information? Have you considered that your file-sharing program could infect one of your devices, which could spread the virus to other devices and systems? Imagine how much time and expense it would cost to get it all cleaned up and protected. You'd also have the worry about what information could be confiscated in the process. Cybersecurity risks can quickly outweigh the benefits of convenience and expediency.

Many of your communications about board matters take place before and after meetings. It's just as important to protect those communications as it is to protect materials for actual board meetings. Regardless of whether you send messages before, during or after board meetings, you need to be sure that they can't be intercepted while they're in transit and while they're being stored. Diligent Messenger uses strong encryption control and secure cloud-storage processes to ensure that your board communications are confidential.

At times, executive committees must address sensitive or confidential information. That's not the kind of information that you'd be comfortable with if it were to get out. That's not a problem when your board uses Diligent Boards because it has a feature for granular permissions, which means that only members of the executive committee can access those materials. The board administrator has full control over which users are authorized to access various parts of the board portal.

With Diligent Boards, board directors can access board meeting materials wherever they are without worrying about trading security for mobility. They can even get the latest updates in real time. If a device gets lost, stolen or otherwise compromised, it's a simple process to pursue remote wiping so that there is no information for a criminal to steal.

Diligent Boards Is the Modern Governance Solution for Securing Board Materials

Diligent Boards brings a full suite of digital governance meeting management solutions under one secure platform. All products are fully integrated so there's one worry about one program infecting another.

Today's board meeting lifecycle depends on robust communications, security, compliance and efficiency. Diligent's Secure Meeting Workflow is a solution that's built on Diligent Secure File-Sharing and it's integrated with Diligent Boards for extra security. It's the modern governance solution to securing and automating the collation, distribution and management of board meeting materials. The secure creation, editing, storage and sharing of confidential information is at the core of modern corporate governance. Diligent Secure File Sharing provides a foundation for secure collaboration and streamlined board meeting preparation.

Internal and external contributors can use the system to upload their documents to a highly secure online space where they will be encrypted and stored securely. Diligent's Secure Meeting Workflow and Secure File Sharing will eliminate the issue of your board worrying about data leaks and the mishandling of sensitive information that can lead to devastating and costly consequences. Don't take the chance of relying on shared network drives or out-of-the-box cloud solutions to protect their organization's most sensitive information.

For the utmost in efficiency, users can be set up to send and receive periodic automatic notifications and alerts for tasks and reminders. Automated reminders ensure that you'll never miss a meeting and that you'll follow through on all the tasks you agreed to take on.

Diligent Boards saves many hours and the expense of creating board books, which can easily and quickly be compiled and distributed online. Regardless of its size, an entire board book can be published in one computer click.

Modern Governance for Board Meeting Management

Good governance is required to thrive and endure in today's fast-paced world. Today's corporate leaders gain empowerment from the technology, insights and processes provided by Diligent Corporation that fuel good governance. Modern governance is the difference that helps boards gain a competitive edge to improve governance by giving them the right information, analytics and insights to spot risks, act on opportunities and turn insights into action. That's what successful businesses are all about.
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Nicholas J. Price
Nicholas J. Price is a former Manager at Diligent. He has worked extensively in the governance space, particularly on the key governance technologies that can support leadership with the visibility, data and operating capabilities for more effective decision-making.