The Board’s Role in Human Capital Management

Inside America's Boardrooms

For years corporations have espoused that their greatest asset was their people, yet many corporations have struggled to make human capital management an integral part of their culture. Today, companies and boards face mandates from investors, employees and the public to better invest in their human capital.

In this episode, Daphne E. Jones, Board Member of AMN Healthcare, Barnes Group and Masonite International Corporation, addresses the issue with reflections on her own experience and takeaways from her new book, Win When They Say That You Won’t. Throughout the conversation, she looks at the role of the board and the individual director in driving strategic human capital management.

  • What should the board be doing to ensure progress and management buy-in for improved human capital management?
  • What can an individual director do to promote a greater focus on human capital management by the organization? 

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