The Evolving Relationship Between General Counsel and the Board

Inside America's Boardrooms

Before the pandemic, chief legal officers and corporate secretaries were already navigating challenging waters. Institutional investors were increasingly pushing their weight around by withholding votes on directors. In the last three years, this challenge has acquired several layers: a global pandemic, remote workforce, concentrated ESG push, and demand for more action against social injustice.

In this episode, David Yawman, Former EVP, GC & Corporate Secretary for PepsiCo Inc., and Senior Advisor for Barker Gilmore, discusses how worldwide health and social issues have impacted relationships between the GC, corporate secretary and the board.

  • How has the pandemic, strong ESG pressures and recent social justice issues impacted the GC and corporate secretary’s relationship with the board?
  • Should the board play a role in hiring the company’s chief legal officer?

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