Best Practices for Virtual Board Meetings Now and in the Future

Nicholas Price
With offices shut down globally, suddenly every company had to either find ways to hold meetings virtually - or not at all. Few governance professionals already developed guidelines on how to facilitate effective virtual meetings, for example:
  • How should quorum be established for virtual meetings?
  • Should all participants be asked to use webcams and stay on "mute?"
  • What's the best strategy for handling 'closed session' if staff is running the videoconference?
  • Can we have effective break-out sessions and committee collaboration virtually?
During the recent Diligent webinar on Best Practices for Virtual Meetings Now and in the Future (watch the replay here), the presenters received dozens of questions from attendees. The attached guide provides responses to the audience questions by our panelists:
  • Helen Baker, Head of Secretariat, Coca-Cola European Partners plc
  • Dottie Schindlinger, Executive Director, Diligent Institute
Download now to better learn the virtual board meeting best practices around:
  • Facilitating Virtual Meetings
  • Protocols for Remote Meetings
  • Technology Considerations