How Boards Can Drive Digital Resilience in Financial Services

Directors and other leaders in the financial services industry are shifting gears, widening their lens from short-term success during the COVID-19 crisis to long-term sustainable growth. Digital resilience has emerged as a prime focus for boards that want to ensure their organizations not only survive the next crisis, but actively thrive.

To create a culture of digital resilience, boards will need to prioritize four key strategies:
  1. Align technology with overall business strategy
  2. Enable strategic operational risk management
  3. Reevaluate the board's ability to manage modern challenges
  4. Equip directors with actionable cyber risk oversight
Board members don't need to be cybersecurity experts to understand the critical need for digital resilience. However, they need to be prepared to ask the right questions of management, so the organization can pursue and implement a culture of resilience.

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