Meeting Climate Reporting Expectations: A Roadmap to Robotic Process Automation

As mandatory climate reporting moves closer to reality, organizations face a series of critical questions:
  • Are we prepared to share scenarios of how our operations will adapt to climate factors?
  • Is our organization ready to make Scope 3 disclosures?
  • Are we ready to make disclosures sooner rather than later?
Recent announcements by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Group of Seven (G7) indicate that climate-reporting measures are under active consideration. These upcoming climate disclosures will be mandatory, not voluntary, and they will likely cover both qualitative and quantitative information. Such developments could spell trouble for banks and other financial services organizations that rely on legacy systems for climate tracking and reporting. Fortunately, robotic process automation (RPA) offers a powerful alternative. Download this free white paper to learn how RPA can help.