Create Value by Bringing Risk, Audit & Compliance into the Boardroom

Today's organizations need to navigate three critical business areas that each have a unique and rapidly evolving landscape: governance, risk and compliance (GRC). To successfully navigate daily operations and implement long-term strategies, board members must work together with risk, audit and compliance teams to build a holistic GRC function within the organization.

However, GRC strategies and initiatives are too often driven by siloed risk, audit and compliance functions, which are, in turn, siloed from the board — the leaders responsible for governance. These unintegrated GRC efforts expose organizations to enormous risks and gaps in strategic decision-making.

This guide highlights best practices that RAC professionals and boards can enact within their organizations, creating a holistic view of GRC and paving the way for continued success:

  • How risk, audit and compliance teams can effectively articulate their vision and value
  • How boards can take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to risk and compliance
  • How to break down risk, audit and compliance silos

Download this actionable guide today.