Diligent Compliance and Ethics Library – Healthcare

Engaging and Multilingual Training Content for an Enhanced Learning Experience

Promoting a culture of compliance and ethical conduct is vital in the healthcare industry. To ensure your staff members consistently make choices aligned with your organization's values, it is crucial to upgrade your training approach. By incorporating short, engaging content that is available in 60+ languages, you can create a more enjoyable learning experience that resonates with healthcare professionals.
  • Simplify Your Process
  • Engage Your Audiences
  • Maintain Your Messaging
Convenient and Customizable Brochure Templates
Perfect as handout after meetings and seminars, which you can customize with your relevant messages and organization’s logo.
Diligent Entities Product on Laptop - Conducting Entity Management Activities
Custom Microlearning with Interactive Videos
Incorporate these Micro-Modules into your existing learning management system (LMS) and tailor the assessment, engagement and completion tracking for healthcare professionals.
Diligent Entities Product on Laptop - Reviewing Entity Management Practices
PowerPoint Template Presentations for Streamlining and Standardizing
Cover your bases with this broad library of template presentations on a number of healthcare topics, with presenter notes included!
Diligent Entities Product on Laptop - Managing Corporate Records
"...Buying custom made videos from 3rd party vendors [were] very expensive and not translated"
Wanda Miller – Manager of Compliance Education and Commnication at Bristol-Myers Squibb
Navigating Compliance Training for Healthcare: Overcoming Communication Obstacles
Tune in to learn more about how Diligent tools allow your compliance training to overcome communication obstacles by utilizing a diverse mix of compliance content that increases awareness with specific content focused on HIPAA, avoiding bribery, privacy in healthcare and much more.

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Quintiles wanted to adapt their compliance communications to go beyond training events and standard LMS content. They were looking to engage a growing number of mobile users to deliver more frequent content, and they needed to reach global staff in three different languages.
Person excited to enhance their corporate compliance training program
Good corporate compliance training will educate employees about critical compliance information. Your training may cover various policies, procedures and expectations, but they should all empower your employees to act ethically and comply with relevant laws and regulations.
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