Build Future Resilience

UK Corporate Governance Code changes and Audit Reforms challenge your business to embrace a new era of transparency and accountability. New reporting requirements encompass audit assurance, corporate resilience, anti-fraud measures, internal controls effectiveness, sustainability and ESG, and more.

Now is your once-in-a-generation chance to transform how you manage governance, risk, and compliance to future-proof your business.

Get the information, visibility, and insight to tackle change with confidence and turn compliance into competitive advantage.


Assurance, Clarity & Control

Diligent is your partner for change. Our GRC platform delivers clarity and control across every aspect of UK Corporate Governance Code and Audit Reform. From internal controls effectiveness to ESG performance, it provides the assurance you need to tackle change with confidence.

Rise to the challenge of corporate governance code reform

UK Corporate Governance and Audit Reforms touch every part of your business. You need an enterprise-wide approach that draws data from distributed sources into a single source of truth to deliver full visibility.

Diligent helps you tackle reform now and build resilient, dynamic GRC processes that pay dividends in the future. Here’s how:

Advanced automation

A GRC platform with analytics & automation built into the core

A Single Source of Truth

A comprehensive end-to-end GRC platform brings all your data into one, central location

Seamless Integration

Connected tools and solutions for every aspect of your GRC practice

Future-proof Technology

Purpose-built applications for
all your unique GRC needs

Confidence Now.

Resilience in Future

Diligent GRC platform gives you confidence to rise to the challenge of corporate governance and audit reforms now, while establishing the capabilities that give you resilience in future. The corporate regulatory environment will continue to change and grow, and the best businesses put tools in place that allow them to change and grow with it.

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