Diligent Audit & Analytics Solutions Delivered 251% Return on Investment, According to Total Economic Impact™ Study


Independent study highlights time savings, increased productivity and cost savings as key benefits of Diligent Audit & Analytics solutions

New York, July 25, 2023 Diligent, a leading GRC SaaS company, today revealed that Diligent Audit & Analytics solutions delivered a return on investment (ROI) of 251% throughout three years, according to a new Total Economic Impact™ commissioned study of Diligent’s full suite of audit management solutions, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Diligent.

"With regulatory landscapes quickly evolving, including new ESG reporting requirements on the horizon, the role of the internal audit team has become more complex and critical in both providing assurance and helping boards make decisions,” said Adam Bailey, SVP and Global Head of Product at Diligent. “Audit teams need the right tools in place to reduce manual tasks and help them be agile, strategic partners to the business. We believe this research reveals the superior cost and time savings benefits that Diligent Audit & Analytics solutions deliver for our customers.”

The study, which included Diligent Audit Management, Internal Controls Management and ACL Analytics, found that the representative organization experiences time savings benefits of $916,000 over three years, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $1.95 million and ROI of 251%.

Other key findings include:

  • Time savings of 20-30% in report generation for audit reporting events, translating to $916,000 in savings over three years.
  • Over $1.3 million in overall productivity increased across the business, resulting from the ability for all business users being able to access the information they need via the self-serve aspect of Diligent Audit & Analytics.
  • 50% efficiency gained in setting up data analytics tools across the business. Because of the automation features in Diligent tools, internal audit teams no longer need to manually request data or do manual assessments, resulting in efficiency gain of 136,200 over three years.
  • Cost savings of $324,000 over three years from eliminating previous audit management vendor licensing and the related maintenance effort.

“[Diligent Audit] allows us to broaden our risk coverage,” noted one head of internal audit. “Project management has become more efficient for us and more effective with faster turnaround time. We can do more work with less manpower.”

“In addition to the manpower savings, the quality of reports and computations is much better [with Diligent Audit] compared to doing audit management manually,” added a head of SOX compliance.

Learn more about Diligent Audit & Analytics solutions here, and read the full Total Economic Impact™ Study here.

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