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Diligent ESG Delivered 167% Return on Investment, According to Total Economic Impact™ Study


Independent study highlights time savings, cost reduction and standardized processes as key benefits of Diligent ESG

New York, NY, July 21Diligent, the global leader in modern governance providing SaaS solutions across governance, risk, compliance and ESG, today revealed that the return on investment ROI of Diligent ESG was 167% over three years, according to a new Total Economic Impact™ of Diligent ESG commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Diligent. The results are for a composite organization. 

“ESG has risen in the consciousness of corporate boards, employees and communities as they challenge organizations to have a more positive impact on the world around them. At the same time, regulations and disclosure requirements have become increasingly complex,” said Amanda Carty, General Manager, ESG & Data Intelligence at Diligent. “Organizations need the right tools in place to steer their ESG strategy, and we believe this research reveals the ROI Diligent ESG drives as executives look for the clarity and confidence to support investments amid economic uncertainty.” 

The study found that the representative organization experiences benefits of $481,000 over three years, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $301,000 and an ROI of 167%. Other key findings include:

  • Between 60 – 80% time saved by automating and centralizing data collection and reporting, adding up to more than $171,000 in savings over three years.
  • A 50% reduction in auditing costs over three years, resulting in approximately $116,000 in cost savings.
  • Time savings in aggregating and standardizing emissions data, resulting in almost $119,000 in cost savings over three years.
  • Time savings in completing and filing regulatory and voluntary sustainability reports, resulting in more than $75,000 in cost savings over three years.

“We as a business see further growth, and we certainly need a system like [Diligent ESG] to carry all of this. I couldn’t think of any other way of doing it,” said one group head of sustainability interviewed for the study.

Diligent ESG empowers organizations to address the seminal components of ESG that matter most to their stakeholders, while meeting current reporting requirements and planning and preparing for the future. The solution acts as a nexus for ESG data to support GHG goal setting, risk monitoring and stakeholder reporting across diversity, climate, workforce safety, supply chains, third-party risk, cyber, and more.

To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with this investment, Forrester interviewed two representatives of an organization with experience using Diligent ESG. Forrester used this experience to project a three-year financial analysis.

To view the full findings of the study, visit:

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