Steele CIS and Securimate Launch New Brand and Name

Company Leverages Strength of Product Lines and Aligns Company and Products Under a Single Brand Name

Steele Compliance Solutions, Inc., the premier global compliance intelligence firm offering comprehensive third-party due diligence and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, today launched a refresh of its corporate brand, unveiling a new logo and corporate name. The new corporate name, Steele Compliance Solutions Inc. leverages the strength of the Steele CIS and Securimate product lines and aligns the two products reflecting the company’s innovative solutions-based compliance offerings.

Since 1989, Steele CIS and Securimate have delivered innovative products and technologies for Fortune 1000 companies to effectively manage third-party risk. Out of its core competency and driven by its clients evolving business challenges, Steele has developed a range of products and services designed to minimize third-party risk. While service offerings of both products have evolved, its core business and strength remains strongly rooted in client-driven innovation. Today the time has come for Steele and Securimate to align under one new company name, website and corporate identity. The new name and identity is a statement of the brand value of its products and the continued focus of delivering a synergistic, solutions-based approach to corporate compliance.

“The integration of our Steele and Securimate businesses is a strategic one, designed specifically to enable us to better serve our clients.” said Eric Lochner, CEO of Steele Compliance. “Steele remains committed to creating ‘customers for life’, by developing innovative, value-based diligence and technology solutions that provide our clients with the tools they need to build a successful compliance program,” Lochner added

As part of its rebranding, Steele has introduced a new corporate website which can be accessed by visiting www.steeleglobal.com.

Steele Compliance Solutions, Inc. is a global compliance intelligence firm offering comprehensive third-party due diligence and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that help organizations comply with regulatory third-party compliance requirements. With more than 25 years of experience, due diligence engagements in more than 190 countries, covering more than 40 languages, Steele provides Fortune 1000 companies with pragmatic solutions. Our suite of products and services include regulatory due diligence, third-party program advisory services, program management services, and a secure, automated third-party management software platform.

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