intelligence & analytics

Better Data to Drive Better Decisions


Satisfy stakeholders and stay ahead of the competition with curated intelligence and analytics.

  • View your organization’s reputational health and cyber risk posture at a glance
  • Access and learn from current data on executive compensation practices and market expectations
  • Drive diversity by connecting with and recruiting from a wide network of industry leaders

Equip boards and executives to make data-driven, strategic decisions with Board & Leadership Collaboration from Diligent.

Diligent Governance Intelligence Solutions
Keep Pace With the Market

Make strategic decisions using real-time analytics and market intelligence.

  • React to market changes faster by tracking your company and industry news
  • Quickly spot and address red flags by monitoring your organization’s reputation with AI-powered data
  • Analyze current market expectations to benchmark your executive compensation planning

Identify and Act on Cyber Risks

Navigate the digital world with more confidence through an intuitive cyber risk dashboard.

  • Improve your board’s oversight and risk appetite planning with real-time cybersecurity data
  • Benchmark your cybersecurity posture against peers and competitors
  • Spot and eliminate potential cyber risks throughout the entire supply chain and value chain
Diligent GRC Solutions
Benchmark Board Composition & Effectiveness

Get critical insights into how your board’s composition and effectiveness compare to similar organizations. 

  • Broaden your board and executive network to include candidates with diverse experiences and skill sets 
  • Design executive compensation packages that align with stakeholder and market expectations
  • Address governance gaps by accessing governance risk scores and organizational health monitoring

Stay Up to Speed on Stakeholder Expectations
Access critical market insights, cybersecurity intelligence and diverse candidate pools.
See Board & Leadership Collaboration from Diligent in action.


“How are directors keeping their fingers on the pulse of this risk?”

“The systemic risk of businesses has changed dramatically, and directors need a fresh lens on this. How are we looking at systemic risk today? It has morphed in its dimensions, particularly in the realm of cyber risk. How are directors keeping their fingers on the pulse of this risk?”


Phyllis Campbell
Chair, Pacific Northwest Region,
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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Board & Committee Effectiveness

Seamlessly conduct all types of meetings, assemble digital board books and agendas, and easily manage minutes.

Secure Collaboration
Collaborate on sensitive materials via a secure, dedicated channel. Eliminate email and text privacy risks.
Diligent ESG
Accelerate and improve the collection, monitoring and reporting of ESG standards, metrics and sustainability data. 

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