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Technology risk is engulfed in an astrological age — the majority of our profession divining the likelihood and impact of events with pseudoscientific tools, failing to reap the rewards of sound decision making and investment.
Find out how CCOs can lead more data-driven discussions with the board, using facts and evidence for more impactful decision-making.
The more time technology and security leaders invest in working with the Board to understand their objectives, the easier it is to build alignment between technical initiatives and their effect on business outcomes.
Diligent IT Risk Management Toolkit
This ITRM toolkit empowers CISOs and security professionals to reduce their technology loss exposure and demonstrate returns on their investments.

About the Author

Ash Hunt

Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Apex Group Ltd.

Ash Hunt is a Global CISO, international keynote speaker & board advisor with a decade of experience in complex, multi-national environments.

He has worked extensively across UK government departments, FTSE/FORBES organizations and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), in addition to authoring the UK’s first quantitative framework and actuarial model for information risk.

He is currently the Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Apex Group Ltd.

Ash Hunt
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