Streamline Administrative Tasks

Seamlessly create, update and share agendas and minutes.

Assign contributors or action items and set automated prompts for follow up.

Diligent Board Management Software
Access Centralized Documents
Upload documents for review from any device and link them to items on your meeting agenda, instantly notifying board members of any changes, edits or revisions.
Diligent Board Management Software
Securely Store Confidential Data
Facilitate online collaboration, conduct conversations between board members and share sensitive information on the most secure board portal available.
Diligent Board Management Software
Customer stories

How CRICO Achieves Excellence in Governance

"Modern governance is a multi-pronged system. It really is largely information-based, having a good control over the information that's being shared, and also ensuring that the information is being maximized in its distribution, its accuracy and overall, its security. Modern governance was a goal we had for a long time, but really needed the right tool to do so. We feel we found it with Diligent."

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